Blood Oranges

Rohypnol seamlessly integrates with

2009 stainless steel Chardonnay

All years of production are completely odorless


The Morning After opens

with foggy seaside confusion,

misty gray clouds overhead

Viscous liquid, fine legs on glass panes,

dried onto pale skin


aged 21 years on American soil

the terroir of my terror palpable now

Helplessness highlighted by an acrid mid-palette

Bursting with brick-red blood, stranger’s saliva,

gentle clusters of bruising along the body, brix 6.2


 lack of clothing enhances the handiwork

of he, or they, who macerated me

Mouthwatering innocence of yesterday

Limpid tears, expressive of this new world

Conflated flavors, in new bright reality


Botrytis spores blossom, yet this is no noble rot

The toasted cedar table I wake under, a splintery fortress.