On the Theme of Being Deserving


I’m a flower; petals plucking.

I love me. I love me not.


little girl sits ankles crossed

back straight, eyes raised to God

unless a man is near

then head bent, voice low


good girls get two Sunday donuts

one old-fashioned, one sprinkled pink


bad girls don’t learn the verses,

don’t sit still during service,

bad girls forget the answers

get sent to their room to repent


God loves me when I am wholesome, pure

God hates a sin, a lie, and The Little Mermaid


good girls don’t play bad with their Barbies

Don’t wish their dads were dead


bad girls leave behind their religion

asking answers from secular books

don’t believe they’re a lesser vessel

won’t supplicate anyone, except


the good little girl who believed

she was bad and has yet to leave her room


I love me, I love me not