On the Theme of Being Deserving


I’m a flower; petals plucking.

I love me. I love me not.


little girl sits ankles crossed

back straight, eyes raised to God

unless a man is near

then head bent, voice low


good girls get two Sunday donuts

one old-fashioned, one sprinkled pink


bad girls don’t learn the verses,

don’t sit still during service,

bad girls forget the answers

get sent to their room to repent


God loves me when I am wholesome, pure

God hates a sin, a lie, and The Little Mermaid


good girls don’t play bad with their Barbies

Don’t wish their dads were dead


bad girls leave behind their religion

asking answers from secular books

don’t believe they’re a lesser vessel

won’t supplicate anyone, except


the good little girl who believed

she was bad and has yet to leave her room


I love me, I love me not

Blood Oranges

Rohypnol seamlessly integrates with

2009 stainless steel Chardonnay

All years of production are completely odorless


The Morning After opens

with foggy seaside confusion,

misty gray clouds overhead

Viscous liquid, fine legs on glass panes,

dried onto pale skin


aged 21 years on American soil

the terroir of my terror palpable now

Helplessness highlighted by an acrid mid-palette

Bursting with brick-red blood, stranger’s saliva,

gentle clusters of bruising along the body, brix 6.2


 lack of clothing enhances the handiwork

of he, or they, who macerated me

Mouthwatering innocence of yesterday

Limpid tears, expressive of this new world

Conflated flavors, in new bright reality


Botrytis spores blossom, yet this is no noble rot

The toasted cedar table I wake under, a splintery fortress.

We Need to Talk


An avalanche we provoke,

stand beneath screaming,

arms wide, to swallow us whole.

Bury me in your heft,

knock me over with urgency.

Come onto me, smother me.

Bite me again, love

your venom passes by my veins

Drunk and high on your

Toxic rise and fall
waxing and waning, affection
tug of war of silver secrets

Fuck this love.
It’s a poison and its own antidote.

yet I can’t swallow one more drop.

Ever After


The gems I want can’t be kept in a ring

Give me earth and the bounty upon it

Bring me warm Aquamarine tropic waters

Careen with me down Emerald hills of Asia

Wake me for Lapis Lazuli morning skies

Kiss me under glittering galaxies of desert diamonds

Blind me with platinum beaches

Talk with me until titanium, dusky skylines

Give way to onyx night

And opal morning rises finding us enfolded

Be my silver lining in Mediterranean storm clouds

Bronze pennies clinking on a counter

Dancing bubble water,

Gift me again golden hour of Essaouira’s boardwalk

As violent garnet filters like lava around us

Give me your beating, ruby heart

The dripping gold of your lips

I’ll have your grand titian tiger’s eyes

I offer you the sapphire and citrine of mine

Let us be the jewels in each other’s crown

And as time wraps a blanket of amber around us

May future generations find us fossilized together

You are Orange.


Vivid and bold; a marigold

Petals between my teeth


You are coral, not yet bleached

Bursting with anemones


Pretty peach not so giant

Nor full of magic, James


topless carrot, plucked

Ready for the pickling


Tangerine flat beneath

The wheels of my 4×4


Burnt apricot; Marrakesh sunset

Full of promise bidding adieu


Salmon in the mouth of a bear

Flipping your last flop

You are Sea.



against resolute rocks

ruthless anger gives

to a tranquil standstill


Melodic lullaby

unchartered depths & sunken ships

Cryptic shadow reflections,

A cold current


Shimmering diamonds

following heaven

frolic for joy

in spring buttercream light


A homecoming for hundreds

of switchbacked streams

vessel of life and death

wild and untameable


Let me bathe in you

seek solace in your buoyancy

feel the lullaby of you around me

Salty. Flowing.

You are Dust.


fine particles go dancing

in soft afternoon light

Playing with unseen star rays

A dervish


pulverized clouds suspended

above horizon of sand

lashed and looped by

Salty air


Settled on everything

Marked by fingertips

Leaving a trace of

Where we touched


In my bright eyes

Blinking you into me

Even when it stings

I keep them open